June 14, 2024



Any item found on the train or on the station is required to be handed over to the Railway Protection Force (RPF) or the Station Master. If there is no claimant visible in the vicinity, the Station Master makes an announcement requesting the owner of the item to collect it from the Station Master’s Office. A control message is also communicated to all the stations on the route. The passenger claiming ownership of the item is handed over custody after proper verification and complying with all official formalities.

If you have lost or found any item, please use the form below to give particulars. We will forward it to the respective office of the Railway Protection Force for necessary action. If any item is lost due to theft or robbery, you should also file a FIR with the Police as specified in this article.

  • Write the full description of the item lost or found

Recent Lost and Found reports filed by passengers

Item lost at Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani (22222)

luggage exchanged with some other person on Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani (22222)

I was traveling with Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani (22222) express and my luggage was exchanged with some other person.

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Item lost at train from CST to Kalyan

drill machine lost in local train, which was running between CST to Kalyan

Dear Friends I have lost my drill machine in local train, which was running between CST to Kalyan

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Item lost at Borivali Station

airpods lost at Borivali Station

on 17th November 2023, i lost my airpods (earphones blue color) in a train from Churchgate (09.48pm) to

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Item lost at Andheri Station

A suitcase has been lost at Andheri Station

I have lost a suitcase

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