June 14, 2024


Railway Helpline numbers


The Indian Railways have a well streamlined online mechanism with regard to complaints and suggestions from passengers. The service is very efficient and responsive.

1) 138: This is a Customer Helpline Number where Complaints & suggestions related to following can be lodged:

i) Cleanliness on stations and trains.
ii) Food & Catering.
iii) Coach maintenance.
iv) Medical Emergency.
v) Linen.

2) 139: This is a Railway Enquiry Customer Care Number from where following information can be sourced:

i) PNR Enquiry
ii) Fare Enquiry
iii) Current train running position
iv) IRCTC relevant information
v) Information by SMS.

3) 182: This is a Security Helpline Number where the passengers get assistance during following circumstances:

i) It provides speedy assistance to passengers in the event of thefts.
ii) Harassment, pick pocketing or other criminal incidents on rail
iii) Security Helpline nos. will be concurrently available to complaints for raising security related complaints.

4) NATIONAL TRAIN ENQUIRY SYSTEM: Passengers can use this system to get live information about running trains, Train Schedule etc.

LINK FOR NTES: http://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ntes/

5) COMPLAINTS & SUGGESTION: Complaint & suggestion register is available at station manager’s office at all stations. Complaints & suggestions can also be lodged at Indian Railway’s website. Passengers can also SMS their complaints on 9717630982.

LINK FOR COMPLAINT: www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in

6) TWITTER HANDLE: www.twitter.com/adrarail – Latest information about events, development work and happenings in the division can be found here.

Passengers can also post their views, suggestions and complaints here. Passengers can also tweet for assistance for any help.

7) FACEBOOK ID: www.Facebook.com/adrarail– Latest information about events, development work and happenings in the division can be found here.

8) RailMadad: A Grievance Redressal Mechanism. The RailMadad Portal has been developed to enable Railway pax. to lodge a complaint or give suggestion through online, app, or SMS facility.

Railway Helpline numbers